May Erlewine Discusses “Golden” Release

May Erlewine recently released her fifth solo recording titled “Golden”.

The soulful Lake City, Mich. songwriter’s latest effort draws references from Motown and Nashville royalty while striking a unique and heartfelt signature sound all her own.

Erlewine was featured recently on the Nonchalant Café Hour ahead of her release show at Bell’s Eccentric Cafe (and a day after her birthday).

Click on the media player below to stream, download and share the interview.

Extras: Click here to listen to May discuss the release of “Love Labor” on the NCH in 2009.
Click here to listen to NCH host Steven Davy’s documentary on the language of music featuring a chapter with May and her music and life partner Seth Bernard
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2 responses to “May Erlewine Discusses “Golden” Release

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  2. Great interview Captain, as always! Really enjoyed hearing about May’s new album

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