The Henhouse Prowlers play Bells Brewery and KFS presents Cold Souls: This Week on the NCH

Chicago-based Henhouse Prowlers will be on the Nonchalant Café Hour this week.

Back from a holiday break, tune in to the NCH Friday for a chat with the Windy City bluegrass group’s banjo player Ben Wright ahead of their show at Bell’s Brewery on Saturday.

ALSO on the program, President of the Kalamzoo Film Society Mike Marchak stops in to discuss their latest presentation Cold Souls by director Sophie Barthes staring Paul Giamatti.

See a trailer of Cold Souls below.

Finally, we couldn’t truly call ourselves a proper radio program in Kalamazoo with out tapping into the madess known as Eccentric Day at Bell’s Brewery. Tune in for a live on-location chat with KalamaBrew bloggers John Liberty and Josh Smith.

Listen to the NCH streaming online:

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