The Final Live Nonchalant Café Hour

Monkey Boy Jake, The Dirty Hippy, DJ Dallas and Captain

It is a little bittersweet to file this report, but Friday will be the final live broadcast of the Nonchalant Café Hour.  After hosting the show since 2002, the Captain is moving on to new horizons and will air an entire hour of vintage NCH antics including Front Porch Weather Reports, Ukulele Jams, Word of the Day and much more.

Also listen in for favorite show memories by Ukulele de Jason, DJ Dallas, the Dirty Hippy, K-Booty and many other beautiful people that have been involved with the NCH over the years.

Also, be sure to keep an eye on for a future revamp of the NCH as an online only program.

Listen to the Final Live NCH Broadcast streaming online:

For some fun visual memories check out some old photos below.

The Captain and Ukulele

T. Mule
Ukulele and John Liberty – The Sports Desk
Ukulele and T. Mule
Ben Lando

Ukulele and Captain (The photo shoot)

Dr. Spellcheck (left)


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One response to “The Final Live Nonchalant Café Hour

  1. Love the old school pictures! Holy cow! We are all so young and, well long haired (some of us.)

    Great times! Much love!

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